General business conditions of Plamingo d.o.o.

1.1. General conditions 

This act regulates the general terms of business and use of the Plamingo d.o.o. website, as well as the terms of purchasing goods and services at a distance.

The Law on Consumer Protection of BiH, the Law on Internal Trade of the FBiH, the Law on Obligations and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of BiH apply to the general business conditions. Before the process of accessing, using or purchasing via the website, it is necessary to carefully read these General Terms and Conditions and familiarize yourself with them.

Plamingo d.o.o. reserves the right to change or supplement these General Terms and Conditions at any time, and it is your responsibility to review them regularly before each order in order to be informed of any changes.

 1.2. Definitions 

User - Visitor of Plamingo d.o.o. website. (Web shop) who does not order products.

Registered user - registered visitor of the website Plamingo d.o.o. (Web shop) who does not make a purchase.

Customer - is a visitor of Plamingo d.o.o. website. (Web shop), who chooses one product, fills out the electronic order form and sends it according to the instructions on the website or calls the Plamingo d.o.o. contact center. and place an order over the phone. 

Web shop - The website through which the visitor has the opportunity to view and buy the products of Plamingo d.o.o..

Seller - The company Plamingo d.o.o. from Gračanica, ul. Branilaca grada bb, 75320 Gračanica, ID number: 4209343790008.

1.3. Using the website 

Each visitor expressly agrees to use the website solely at his own risk. This liability applies to all direct or indirect damages caused by any defects, errors, computer viruses, misuse, negligence or any other actions of employees, registered users, customers or other persons.

1.4. Processing of personal data 

Plamingo Web shop will protect the privacy of your personal data in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data of the FBiH.

Your personal data will be used solely for the purpose of processing orders and improving the user experience.

Plamingo Web shop undertakes not to disclose your personal data to third parties without your prior consent.

Website of Plamingo d.o.o. uses "cookies" in order to be able to recognize and remember the user during the purchase and thus enable the realization of the purchase.

1.5. Registration

You must be 18 years old to register on our website

When registering on our Web shop, you are obliged to provide accurate, true and updated information about yourself.

The user should create a user code that he must keep only for himself and must not share it with other people.

1.6. Product information 

When visiting and using our website, and viewing and purchasing our products, you should take care of the following:

 •On the website, the color of the product in the photo may differ from the actual color of the product. Photos are provided for informational use. The shades of colors shown in the photos depend on the color calibration of your device for viewing this website.

 • With the description of each product, there are details on its dimensions, but the stated dimensions may differ from the dimensions as they appear in the photo.

 • The seller will, to the greatest extent possible, ensure that the information on the website is up-to-date, paying special attention to the prices and quantities of the products, but we do not exclude the possibility of errors when entering data, given that the data is not updated automatically but manually.

 • The seller reserves the right to withdraw any product from sale at any time. For such undelivered and paid for products, the Seller will return the full amount paid to the Buyer within 30 days. 

1.7. Order 

Product orders can be made electronically or by phone.

1.8. Prices

All product prices on the Web shop are expressed in convertible marks (KM) and include VAT. 

The price of goods is determined for each product individually. 

Products are delivered at prices valid on the day of ordering and publication on the website. Prices, terms of payment and promotional offers are valid only at the time of payment and may change without prior notice.

In the event that the price of the product changes during the processing of the order or for any other reason the price on the Internet does not correspond to the actual price of the product, the Seller will allow the Buyer to cancel the purchase.

1.9. Method of payment

The Seller offers its Customers the following payment methods: 

 • Payment by cash on delivery - is made in such a way that the Customer pays the order to the delivery person (fast mail clerk) by delivery to the given address.

 • Payment by bank cards.

 • Payment by money order. 

In the case of paying for goods by payment card in installments, it is not possible to obtain additional discounts. 

The seller will issue an invoice to each customer on the payment made, that is, he will deliver it by mail if the goods were delivered by courier service (post).

1.10. Delivery and collection of goods:

Plamingo Web shop will make every effort to deliver the products to the address within 3 to 10 working days.

Products are delivered exclusively in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the address specified in the form when creating the order.

Deadlines and deliveries may vary depending on the availability of the product, the destination and the availability of the Customer at the given address.

Plamingo d.o.o. is not responsible for delays or failure to deliver products due to circumstances beyond their control, such as natural disasters, strikes or other unforeseeable events.

Plamingo d.o.o. sends the selected goods by express mail, that is, by courier services. In this case, the Buyer pays for the selected goods by cash on delivery, plus shipping costs.

Please note that we only send unbreakable goods this way (batteries, bathroom accessories, etc.). Fragile goods (sanitaries, shower cabins, etc.) are sent upon express written request and consent of the buyer to accept the risk of breakage, which must be delivered to our salon by mail. Until the item is handed over to the Buyer, the risk of accidental loss or damage to the item is borne by the Seller, and upon handing over the item, the risk passes to the Buyer.

We deliver products only to the entrance to the facility, that is, to the place where the delivery vehicle can approach. During delivery, the Buyer is obliged to provide a person to unload/take over the goods.

The customer can also choose personal pickup, the Web shop employee will contact you and inform you when the goods will be ready in one of our retail stores and when you can pick them up in person.

After the customer receives a notification about the collected order, he is obliged to pick it up within 3 days, and no earlier than 3 hours after receiving the notification at the specified address of one of the retail stores (at the customer's choice).

1.10.1. The price of the delivery service 

The fee for delivery services will be shown on the order in convertible marks, and depends on the price list of the courier service.

The missing products will be delivered free of charge as soon as possible, the same applies if the customer receives a damaged product.

1.11. Product defects and product returns

The terms of returns and exchanges apply exclusively to products purchased through distance sales. If you are not satisfied with the ordered product, you have the right to return it in accordance with the Law on Consumer Protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The return of the product is possible within 7 days from the day of receipt of the product, provided that the product is undamaged, unused and in the original packaging.

The costs of returning the product are borne by you as the customer, except in the case when the return of the product is the result of an error by Plamingo d.o.o. Web shop. 

Funds are refunded in full within 30 days, except in the case of payment by payment card when the refund is reduced by the amount of the commission charged by the bank.

In the event of a defect in the product, the Seller undertakes, at the request and at the option of the Buyer: 

 a) replace the defective product with another identical new correct product, 

 b) refund the amount paid and reimburse the actual reasonable costs of returning the defective product or 

 c) remove the defect on the product at your own expense. 

1.12. Guarantee 

The guarantee is valid within the terms specified for each product, and in order to exercise the right to the guarantee, the original receipt is required as proof of purchase and must be presented to the Seller. The warranty period and everything that the warranty covers in relation to a product is listed with each product separately.

To solve the problem with the product, the Seller will inspect the product and decide on the exercise of warranty rights.

1.13. Complaints 

During the delivery of the purchased goods, the customer is obliged to check that the goods were delivered according to the ordered specifications - the correct type and quantity. Also, the Buyer is obliged to visually check that it was delivered without physical damage.

By receiving the goods, the Customer confirms that the goods are free of material defects. 

If you have any complaints or questions regarding the product or services of the Web shop, please contact us at the phone number: 035/365-000.

Subsequent complaints related to the delivered quantity and physical damage are not recognized.

1.14. Questions and remarks

You can send all your questions or possible suggestions regarding shopping on the Web shop to and we will do our best to respond to your inquiry or suggestion as soon as possible.

Enjoy your shopping!

Your Plamingo d.o.o.